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(Credit: Netflix)


Stranger Things cast promise scariest season yet


With season four of Stranger Things imminently approaching, it would seem that things are about to get a whole lot stranger this time out. 

Not only will be series be taken on a grand Game of Thrones style globetrotting scale, but it will also amp up the horror elements of the show.

As Gaten Matarazzo told the Radio Times, “I think we were kind of – at least I was – aware that [creators Matt and Ross Duffer] wanted to really take it up a notch with everything, whether it was in their comedy in all things Stranger Things, but particularly in the horror realm.”

Matarazzo added: “I know that we’ve leaned more towards sci-fi over the course of the past three seasons, and this time we can kind of relish in the whole Nightmare on Elm Street field, which is a big inspiration for them this year.”

Before concluding: “But I was just super excited when reading initially, and I hope the same is true for the rest of the gang.”

The first instalment of the spooky two-part fourth season is set for release on Netflix on May 28th and it will see the “notched up” horror stretched out over bumper episodes. We can’t wait!

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