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Credit: Chris McAndrew/Frank Schwintenberg


Tory MP Michael Gove sneers at Stormzy's support of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn

Following the news that the #Grime4Corbyn initiative was being resurrected for the upcoming General Election, Labour gained another powerful voice last night when Stormzy came out in support of Jeremy Corbyn.

Now, floundering Conservative MP Michael Gove has had his say on the endorsement of Corbyn from one os Britain most influential musical voices in the lead up to the GE on December 13th.

Yesterday saw Stormzy take to Instagram to deliver a lengthy message to try and achieve two things. Firstly, to get more people registered to vote – staunch message coming out of Labour over the last few days. Secondly, to voice his heavy support of Corbyn in the face of Boris Johnson, whom Sotrmzy labelled as a “sinister man” who cannot be trusted.

On his support for Jeremy Corbyn, the rapper said: “I will be registering to vote and I will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn. There are several reasons as to why I’m voting for him – I would be here all day if I began to list them…”

He continued, “But in my 26 years of life I have never trusted politicians or relied on them to be the bearers of hope and righteous people that we’ve needed them to be. And for me, he is the first man in a position of power who is committed to giving the power back to the people and helping those who need a helping hand from the government the most.”

He went on to talk about Boris Johnson saying the current PM had a “long record of lying and policies that have absolutely no regard for the people that our government should be committed to helping and empowering.”

He went on to punctuate his point, “I also believe it is criminally dangerous to give the most powerful role in the country to a man who has said that the sight of a ‘bunch of black kids’ makes him ‘turn a hair’, compared women in burqas to letterboxes and referred to black people as ‘picaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’.

“I think it’s extremely dangerous to have a man with those views as the sole leader of our country.”

Stormzy has been vocal in the political space in his songs forever but he has since decided to use his growing platform to highlight his perceived inequalities in British society. One of the most recent incidents saw Stormzy take to the Glastonbury stage wearing a stab vest designed by Banksy.

It was something Gove noted on, as well as the rapper’s support of Corbyn, “I think we again know that Stormzy, when he took to the stage at Glastonbury wearing a stab vest, he made clear what his political views were then.”

“He is a far, far better rapper than he is a political analyst,” Gove added.

Not sure we’ll take your advice on Hip-Hop, Michael.