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Stevie Nicks named her favourite song of all time


When you have got a canon of angelic songs that are embedded into the hearts of millions of fans like Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, picking your favourite is a seemingly impossible task. However, for Nicks, one number fulfils her with more pleasure than the rest, and it’s not a track you’d suspect.

Nicks has enjoyed a sparkling career, and of course, Fleetwood Mac is what springs to mind when we think of the iconoclast. After all, the band produced arguably the most seminal body of work of all time with Rumours, and her addition to the group took them to dizzy new heights.

Fleetwood Mac have always been a dysfunctional band, which is a crucial part of their irresistible allure, but working within the belly of the beast can be a tiring exercise. Not only that, but unfortunately for her, the group is also a semi-functioning democracy. However, with Nicks’ solo career, what she says goes, and nothing is off-limits artistically, which provides her with greater satisfaction. 

Her 1981 debut album, Bella Donna, announced her as a solo star, and one track Nicks later named as the favourite she’s ever recorded. When you consider the wealth of divine efforts that she’s crafted from her mind in her career, her decision to pick ‘How Still My Love (In The Still of The Night)’ as her favourite is a slightly bamboozling one, but who are we to argue?

“This is my favourite song; it’s called in ‘In The Still Of The Night’,” Society of Rock quote Nicks as saying during a live performance. When Bella Donna was released, in an interview, Nicks highlighted it as a personal favourite. “‘Still of the Night’ was really probably one of my most romantic songs,” she commented. I really wrote that about…I was feeling really romantic at the time. It’s my sexiest song. I love to sit and play it. It’s the vibe-iest song.”

Adding: “It’s the one song I said had to be on the album, and it was the one that went in and out and in and out and off and on and off and on the album in the last four months, incredibly, until finally I knew that it would come around to people realising it’s really such a neat song even if it’s for yourself to enjoy it.”

Several decades later, Nicks’ love for the song only grew further when she sat down with EW to discuss some of her favourite moments from her career with and without Fleetwood Mac. “I really don’t write extremely sexual songs, never have,” she reiterated in 2009. 

“I’m always going to write about the bouquets and the flowers [laughs]. But ‘How Still My Love’ really is a sexy song, and being that it’s one of my few sexy songs, when we do it onstage it’s fun. It’s kind of woozy and it’s slow, but it’s got a really great beat—kind of a strip-tease, a little burlesque, a little Dita Von Teese-y.”

‘How Still My Love’ allows Nicks to have unadulterated pleasure while she’s on stage and express a different side of herself. It’s more frivolous and glamorous than her work from Fleetwood Mac, and while it’s not her most renowned effort, the track occupies a sacred place in the singer’s heart.