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(Credit: HBO)


Steven Van Zandt advised on early cuts of ‘Sopranos’ prequel

He may well have been one of the most highly cherished guitarists in rock history, but Steven Van Zandt was never happy simply performing for The E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen’s legendary outfit. Eventually, Van Zandt would pursue another passion: acting.

Undoubtedly, his most famous role is his performance as Silvio Dante in the classic HBO series The Sopranos where he operated as one of the most beloved characters in the hit show. Now, Van Zandt has confirmed that he was even asked to advise on early cuts of the upcoming prequel film.

The Many Saints of Newark is set to be a box office smash. The film’s originator, The Sopranos has been long heralded as the greatest TV show ever made, and with news of a prequel investigating Tony Soprano’s rise to the top, the entertainment world got extremely excited.

The film will follow a young Tony as he seeks to become a face among the growing mob scene of New Jersey. Van Zandt, who is not only a well known Jersey native but perfectly placed as Silvio, has revealed he offered up some advice to show and film creator David Chase.

Van Zandt told SiriusXM that Chase had asked for some feedback when he showed him an early cut of the film: “I saw several of the early cuts. He’s been tinkering now with it for a couple of years. So it may be a whole different movie by the time I see it again.

“He wanted me and Maureen [Van Zandt’s wife and Sopranos actor] to see it and give him some input. Silvio is in it, just 30 years earlier,” confirmed Van Zandt, with John Magaro taking on the guitarist’s iconic role.

Would Van Zandt offer any help or perhaps his most noted field of expertise and advise Chase on the music? No. That’s because it was Chase’s “favourite part of doing The Sopranos and his first movie Not Fade Away, that’s all about him as a young guy joining his first band.”

“That is the love of his life, doing the music. He didn’t need me for that.”

Watch Steven Van Zandt talk about The Many Saints of Newark on SiriusXM below: