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Steven Spielberg is making Reddit story 'The Spire in the Woods' into a horror film

Steven Spielberg is planning a new horror film, The Spire in the Woods, which is taken from a viral Reddit ghost story.

The 72-year-old filmmaker will use content creation and entertainment company Amblin Partners and has teamed up with Roy Lee and Jon Berg for the project. Lee, best known for his work on films such as It, The Departed and The Ring, will be on producing duties alongside Berg through Vertigo Entertainment.

The film, which has acquired the rights to Tony  The Spire in the Woods, derives from its online success after the story won ‘best content 2013’ on Reddit after a series of posts on popular sub-thread ‘No Sleep’ captivated the audience. The stories were later collected into a best selling book.

The film will be renamed to The Bells and will centre around a teenage boy who has been drawn into a lethal ghost story after entering the woods in a bid to find answers surrounding his best friend’s suicide.

For more back story, Lunedi’s book comes with the following synopsis:

“After discovering the suicide of a schoolmate, the young man embarks on a quest to discover the truth. Why did Robert Edward Kennan kill himself? Was it because of a failed relationship or something more insidious? Based on actual events, Spire in the Woods is equal to the coming of age and ghost story. A simple account of one man’s struggles with his mental health, his obsession with the supernatural, and his single greatest regret of his life.”

Spielberg is currently busy working on Men in Black International and the remake of West Side Story so no details of production on this film have been released as of yet.

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