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Behind-the-scenes photos from Spielberg's war epic 'Saving Private Ryan'


To those of us who luckily didn’t have to experience the Second World War like our Grandfathers, it can sometimes be easy to feel detached from the horror and gruesome nature of real war. It can, at times, remain relatively easy to glamorise war and its spoils as nothing more than anecdotal nods to a time gone by. Now, as we approach Remembrance Day (Nov 11th) and take a moment to remember those soldiers who had fought and died for their beliefs, we thought we’d take a look behind the scenes of the film that may have said is the most accurate war depiction in modern times.

Steven Spielberg‘s 1998 masterpiece Saving Private Ryan was, and still largely is, regarded as one of the most accurate and realistic war films of all time. Its epic D-Day scene will go down in history as a brutal, unabashed and unflinching look at the horror which faced so many brave men on that day in 1944. That one particular scene, which sees our introduction to the main characters of the film—including Tom Hanks’ Captain Miller—was widely commended for its accuracy with even my own grandfather stating that “the only thing missing was the smell”.

Saving Private Ryan was the first film that I had seen as a young boy which didn’t glamorise the heroics of war, but instead showed the death, destruction and ultimate human demolishment of what war can be. It changed my thinking as a toy-gun wielding young boy to think more clearly about soldiers and war. But most importantly, it taught me a great deal of respect for the men and women who faced that grisly challenge and came out on top.

Take a look behind the scenes of one of the most influential war movies of all time, Saving Private Ryan, with images via War History:

(Images via War History)