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Stephen King gives his thoughts on the new Dune


Stephen King has given the big screen more scares and sci-fi imaginings than just about anyone else. The 74-year-old writer has remained relevant throughout his career and even now the spooky guy continues to engage with culture.

The big hit this year in the sci-fi realm has been Denis Villeneuve’s incarnation of Dune. The movie starring Timothée Chalamet is the latest take on Frank Herbert’s classic novel, and it is the most successful adaptation yet. 

The hubbub surrounding the film, partly drummed up by potentially tactical rumours of a disastrous production, has taken Twitter by storm which prompted Scott Von Doviak to write: “Watching this movie DUNE no on Twitter has heard of.”

The legendary horror author saw his opportunity to share his thoughts with Doviak, writing: “I watched it with my wife this afternoon. Really long but really good. Hard to believe we can do all these amazing special effects and still not achieve world peace.”

Whilst VFX and world peace create an interesting dichotomy that, if anything, illuminates the working of King’s mind more so than a comment on how animation can save the world, it nevertheless expresses how visually stunning the movie proves to be. 

Our very own Mick McStarkey gave the film 4.1 out of 5 and described it as a modern sci-fi masterpiece and made similar comments about the visuals despite not relating them to geo-politics, even though he privately corroborated with me that he too thinks it is a shame that we do not have world peace. Commenting: “Never before have I been so blown away by visual FX.” 

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