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Stephen King named his favourite Steven Spielberg film

Stephen King and Steven Spielberg are two icons at the top of their respective fields and they are still going strong. While Spielberg recently managed to earn multiple Oscar nominations for his adaptation of West Side Story, King also received widespread critical acclaim for his 2020 collection of novellas – If It Bleeds.

In fact, it was reported last year that the two were going to collaborate on a brand new project. Steven Spielberg was gearing up for a new Netflix adaptation The Talisman – a fantasy novel from 1984 which was penned by King and Peter Straub. The director had bought the rights for the book before it was even published and has been thinking about an adaptation for a while now.

Spielberg has also claimed that he feels a “spiritual connection” to King in an interview where he explained: “I don’t know how Stephen King and I aren’t related by blood. I cannot believe that part of Stephen King is not Jewish, and I can’t believe that we haven’t actually made a movie together. I really think Stephen and I have a spiritual connection in terms of the movies and the stories we love to tell.”

When asked to name some of his favourite films of all time by the BFI, King actually included one of Spielberg’s films in his list. While some fans might immediately jump to the conclusion that it was one of his popular projects like E.T. or A.I. Artificial Intelligence or even something like Jurassic Park, that isn’t the case.

“From Spielberg, his first: Duel, originally shot for American TV,” King said while declaring that Spielberg’s 1971 debut feature was the finest film that the prominent filmmaker had ever produced. The author went on to add: “It’s his most inventive film, and stripped to the very core: one man, one truck, one fight to the death.”

Due to Spielberg’s later success, Duel has become a cult classic now and rightly so. It follows the misadventures of a business commuter who is endlessly terrorised by a truck driver. “It’s a primal road rage story,” Spielberg explained. “You’re watching a lightweight go up against a heavyweight champion.”

Watch the trailer for Duel below.