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Stephen King calls Edgar Wright film 'Last Night in Soho' "special"

The king of horror fiction, Stephen King, has a true love for the genre. An avid cinephile, King is always happy to share his thoughts on the latest films available at the cinema. After a recent trip to watch Last Night in Soho, King shared his appreciation for the movie.

Directed by Edgar Wright, Last Night in Soho sees a young woman named Eloise travelling back in time to London’s swinging sixties, finding herself possessing the body of a club singer of the day named Sandie. As one might expect, the past and present begin to intertwine in a confusing and worrying manner.

The film will find worldwide release soon enough but Stephen King took himself to an advanced screening and took to Twitter to share his appreciation of the new film. Naturally, the man behind It, The Shining, Carrie, and numerous others, holds quite a sway in the cinematic world.

It makes sense then why Edgar Wright was so thrilled to hear his praise. King tweet: “I got an advance look at LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, and plan to see it again when it opens on Friday. I hardly ever re-watch — there’s so many good things out there — but this one is special. Time travel with a twist.”

Wright was ecstatic with his review, he responded: “I would not have conceived Last Night in Soho without this man’s writing.” He continued that the “beautiful comment” had “made” his year. “I am truly humbled,” he concluded.

With a surprise ending that will hold up to repeated viewings, we imagine King will enjoy himself.

Watch the trailer for Last Night in Soho below.