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Stephen King once named his ultimate playlist

Stephen King is widely regarded as the king of horror, a title that can hardly be disputed when we take a look at the impact of his literary creations on the frameworks of popular culture. While his books have broken record numbers in terms of commercial success, King’s legacy has also been immortalised through the adaptations of his works.

Cinematic pioneers such as Stanley Kubrick and Brian De Palma have stepped up to translate his vision to the visual medium. Although those adaptations have more of the filmmakers’ flair in them than King’s artistic intentions, the widespread popularity of gems like The Shining have urged many readers to pick up King’s books and embark on various literary adventures.

The trend of Stephen King adaptations into TV shows no signs of slowing down, with HBO and Netflix having lined up multiple projects. That’s the case with his 2020 collection of short stories as well. Titled If It Bleeds, it received critical acclaim and now Netflix has chosen to adapt one of the novellas from the book with Donald Sutherland already attached to the production.

In addition to his experiments with the horror genre, King has always been deeply interested in the elements of popular culture. He is an avid cinephile and enjoys the television format as well, expressing his love for the latest Netflix shows as well as all-time greats like The Wire and Breaking Bad. The master of horror is also a huge fan of all kinds of music genres and has shared his eclectic taste with fans on multiple occasions.

When King worked as a columnist, he once took the opportunity to compile an ultimate playlist of the songs he considered to be essential. In it, he included amazing works by the likes of James McMurtry whom he called “alt-country’s poet laureate” as well as ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ which is his “favourite AC/DC track — powerhouse rock combined with gleeful double entendres.”

Check out the full list of songs from his ultimate playlist below, compiled by one of the most iconic horror writers in the history of the genre.

Stephen King’s ultimate playlist:

  1. ‘Worries’ – Langhorne Slim
  2. ‘Fast Girl’ – The Tractors
  3. ‘Beautiful Wreck’ – Shawn Mullins
  4. ‘Wild Weekend’ – The Rockin’ Rebels
  5. ‘Mrs. McKenzie’ – Janis Ian
  6. ‘Step It Up & Go’ – Alvin “Youngblood” Hart & Teenie Hodges
  7. ‘Shake’ – Sam Cooke
  8. ‘Stars on the Water’ – Rodney Crowell
  9. ‘Carlene’ – Phil Vassar
  10. ‘I Shot Your Dog’ – Fred Eaglesmith
  11. ‘Seeds’ – Bruce Springsteen
  12. ‘Galveston Flood’ – Tom Rush
  13. ‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning’ – Richard Thompson
  14. ‘Fountains of Wayne Hotline’ – Robbie Fulks
  15. ‘Can Your Pussy Do The Dog’ – The Cramps
  16. ‘Bayou Tortous’ – James McMurtry
  17. ‘Baby Come Back To Me’ – The Manhattan Transfer
  18. ‘Diamond Shoes’ – Tift Merritt
  19. ‘Manifesto No. 1’ – Shooter Jennings
  20. ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ – AC/DC