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Stephen Colbert shares previously unseen duet with John Prine


Stephen Colbert, the presenter of The Late Show, has paid tribute to John Prine and revealed a previously unseen duet with the Grammy Award-winning musician.

Prine, who is said to be in a “stable” condition but not improving, remains in the intensive care unit after his condition continued to worsen during self-isolation. Confirmation was made that the 73-year-old singer-songwriter had been hospitalised on Thursday and, after his situation continued to deteriorate, he was intubated on Saturday. The news came just days after Prine’s wife, Fiona Whelan Prine, said that she had coronavirus and that the couple were self-quarantining separately.

“After a sudden onset of Covid-19 symptoms,” a statement reads from Prine’s social media. “John was hospitalised on Thursday (March 26). He was intubated Saturday evening, and continues to receive care, but his situation is critical.”

Now, as Fiona Prine confirmed news that she herself had recovered from coronavirus, she added that John was both “stable” but his current situation is not improving: “I need to clarify what I mean by “John is stable,” she said. “That is not the same as improving. There is no cure for Covid-19. He needs our prayers and love – as do the thousands of others who are critically ill. Stay at home. Wash your hands. We love you.”

She added: “I have recovered from Covid-19. We are humbled by the outpouring of love for me and John and our precious family. He is stabile. Please continue to send your amazing Love and prayers. Sing his songs. Stay home and wash hands. John loves you. I love you.”

Now, Colbert has released footage of his duet of ‘That’s the Way the World Goes Round’ which was recorded in 2016. “I’d like to take a moment right now to send out a personal message to a friend,” Colbert said.

“Last week, our friend—and yours—the musical great John Prine was placed on a ventilator with coronavirus symptoms. My thoughts are with John and his wife, Fiona, and his family. And everybody out there touched by this virus.”

He added, “I’d like to share with you right now one of the happiest moments I’ve had on my show or any show. And that’s when John and I sung a duet in 2016 that we never broadcast, but we’d like to now.”

See the clip, below.