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St. Vincent Shares New Track 'Bad Believer'

St. Vincent, who has to be one of the breakout artists of last year with her incredible guitar tone and riotous live performances, has let loose a bonus track from the Deluxe edition of her self-titled LP.

It is the only brand new track from the album which also features ‘Pieta’ and ‘Sparrow’ which were Record Store Day releases as well as the Japanese B-side ‘Del Rio’ and the Darkside remix of ‘Digital Witness’ which all adds up to a real D-luxe edition.

But would you expect St. Vincent to do anything without full-force? Of course you wouldn’t. ‘Bad Believer’ blends a poptastic synth with St. Vincent’s insatiable appetite for a riff to grind out a Sleigh Bells-esque dancefloor dream. It’s bound to be remixed and destined for the next series of Skins but trust us, it is actually decent

Jack Whatley