St. Vincent shares her jibe at Pharma culture on 'Pills'


“Pills to wake/Pills to sleep/Pills pills pills every day of the week,” starts the brand new track from Annie Clark, AKA ST. Vincent. A line which encapsulates the entirety of the track and as the beat drops we can see where Clark is taking us.

That is on a cheerful, dopamine dripping, smile demanding pulsing pop journey – up and down. ‘Pills’ is above anything else a bouncing and enforced fun kind of song, it feels pressured and pop-tastic. It’s a genius piece of writing, showing off her craft perfectly, with clever lyrics and a beat to match, it’s a damn fine pop song as well as an eye-opener to the problems our society faces.

Released on her Masseduction LP, due out on Friday 13th, the track could easily have been forgotten as an interlude or left entirely on the cutting room floor. But we are so glad she has kept and moved it forward. The song is a piece of artistic expression unique to St. Vincent.

As the beat slows, Clark’s vocal rises above, as if being delivered from a pill-popping pulpit “Come all you wasted, wretched, and scorned/Come on and face it/Come join the wall,”, and as saxophone drifts us off in to the distance we get even more excited for her new album.