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(Credit: Zackery Michael)


St. Vincent says "I'd be dead" without music


St. Vincent has been discussing the importance of music in her life and revealed that without it, “I’d be dead”.

Annie Clark is currently gearing up to release her sixth-studio album Daddy’s Home at the end of the week and has so far released three singles from the forthcoming record. She first announced the record back in March with the glitzy comeback single, ‘Pay Your Way In Pain,’ and her return was a welcomed one.

The single was followed with the wistful ballad, ‘The Melting Of The Sun’, but ‘Down’ is a funktastic effort that sees St. Vincent back doing what she does best. Clark previously described the album as “the sound of being down and out Downtown in New York, 1973. Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days.”

“Yeah, that’s true but still I feel grateful that it comes to me,” she told the BBC in a new interview in regards to her songwriting abilities being strong now she’s six albums into her career. However, Annie Clark was then asked if her life would be different if she never discovered songwriting, and her response was profound.

“I’d probably be dead,” she replied. “Dead literally or dead inside.” After a pause, Clark added: “I mean, no. I’m sure I would have had more fortitude and figured something out. But let me just say I’m very glad. I’m very lucky that I get to play music for a living.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Clark said: “This record is very carefully written and composed – but as far as playing goes, we did the dreaded ‘J’ word. We jammed and it was really fun,” she says.

“It’s more like, ‘Hey, come sit down in this beaten leather armchair and let’s have a tequila and chat.’ It’s just a completely different kind of underpinning logic,” she added.

New album Daddy’s Home is due out May 14th,

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