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(Credit: Zackery Michael)


St. Vincent shares IDLES remix of 'Pay Your Way in Pain'


American indie rocker St. Vincent has shared a new remix of her Daddy’s Home track ‘Pay Your Way in Pain’ from British rockers IDLES.

Now, you’ve got a song that sounds like a demented mix of the Sesame Street theme and the erotic electronica of Annie Clark’s previous LP Masseduction. That’s already a wild way to frame a song, but how can you take it to another brain-melting level? By bringing in England’s best band of agro art rockers, of course!

The original version of ‘Pay Your Way in Pain’ at least had some organic funk to pair with its synthesised nonsense, but IDLES have completely taken any sense of human groove away from the track, instead building the song up from electronic drums, keyboard hits, and samples of Clark’s voice hollering the work “Shame” over and over.

You have to get a solid 1:30 into the remix to even get a hint that this is the same song. IDLES anarchic reading of the track dispenses with most of the structure of the original, including dropping entire verses and choruses from the song to focus on the industrial grind that they’ve put together.

This isn’t so much a “remix” as it is a total reworking, probing the darker and more disturbing corners of the track that can only come from the fucked up minds of IDLES. For anyone that liked the original track, this version is probably going to sound like shit. For anyone who’s into this kind of insane transformation, it can come off as either wildly exciting or completely inane. Choose your own adventure, I suppose.

Check out the IDLES remix to ‘Pay Your Way in Pain’ down below.