St. Vincent covers Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day'


The heiress to New York rock and roll, aka St. Vincent, aka. Anni Clark, aka babe of our dreams, has performed a cover of a classic track from another of NYC’s rock royalty. She took on Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’.

Performing with her live collaborator Thomas “Doveman” Bartlett the singer delivered a stunning and stripped-back performance of the ode to hedonism at the start of one of her shows at Brooklyn Academy of Music on Tuesday.

St. Vincent is no stranger to a cover having tipped her hat to some of the greats as well as pop’s current crop, from Joni Mithcell to Rihanna, St. Vincent can add her own style to any song.

Originally recorded for the late Reed’s seminal album Transformer the song is haunting at the best of times, but with Clark’s beautiful vocal and the delicately poignant piano work means this song takes on a whole new life.

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Take a listen to the cover below.