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Sprints drop brand new single 'Little Fix'

Sprints - 'Little Fix'

Irish post-punks Sprints have dropped the fastest single from their upcoming A Modern Job EP with the fast-paced and frantic ‘Little Fix’.

“Plagued by insecurities, imposter syndrome and gender stereotypes, ‘Little Fix’ is the culmination of all my fears – the, sometimes, self-applied pressure that as a woman in music I can’t just be good, I have to be great,” lead singer Karla Chubb explains. “I feel like I am in a constant state of proving myself. That no matter what I achieve, learn, write, play or sing, there will always be a critic, a voice in the crowd or in my head telling me that it’s still not good enough, that there’s a million men out there who are better and I’ll always just be ‘good for a girl.'”

Adding: “Little Fix is a song that instead of running away from that fear, shit talk and criticism, it runs head first at 100 miles an hour into it. Pulling influence from Thee Oh Sees and Courtney Barnett, it’s lyrically the song I am most proud of and one that on tour proved a serious fan favourite.”

We’re having a bit of a back and forth here at Far Out regarding post-punk. For one, it seems like the genre is in an absolute renaissance, with acts from across the indie rock spectrum taking cues from the unique style. On the other end, quite a lot of that new music kind of sucks. It’s becoming a highly populated area to live in, and the increasing need to stand out is making it hard to care about every last band diving in.

I don’t quite know what to do with Sprints. They’re not as excitingly aggressive as Amyl and the Sniffers, not as droll and mind-bending as Dry Cleaning, not as fun and catchy as Wet Leg, and not as weirdly confrontational as Modern Woman. They’re more straight-ahead punk, but with the spoken word sections and angular rhythms that are classic post-punk. Sprints are a bit of an enigma.

That being said, ‘Little Fix’ has plenty of energy and an in-your-face attitude to make it a worthwhile listen. The kind of person that Chubb is vehemently rallying against is someone who gets to talk shit with minimal context and without any major consequences. Someone like me!

Just because I’m still on the fence with Sprints doesn’t mean that they’re a bad band. Quite far from it, actually: I’m sure that with some more listens, or if I caught a live show from the group, I’d definitely be on their side. I’m just not fully convinced to jump in with ‘Little Fix’. But that’s OK: it’s not really a song made for me anyway, and I’ve been digging ‘How Does the Story Go?’ lately, so I call it a one-for-one trade.

Check out the audio for ‘Little Fix’, plus the tracklisting for the A Modern Job EP, down below. A Modern Job is set for a March 11th release.

A Modern Job EP tracklisting:

1. ‘How Does The Story Go?’
2. ‘Modern Job’
3. ‘Delia Smith’
4. ‘Little Fix’
5. ‘I’m In A Band’