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Springtime Carnivore - Name On A Matchbook

Today’s Track of the Day is ‘Name on a Matchbook’ by Springtime Carnivore.

It’s a dreamy, morning after pop-rock romp that begs to be cranked up loud to blow the cobwebs off that hangover, as you reminisce about how fucking good last night was.

Fresh off the back of a triumphant CMJ, Springtime Carnivore AKA Greta Morgan, released her self-titled album yesterday – along with the video for ‘Name on a Matchbook’.

The video portrays a juxtaposition to the typical female groupies fawning over men on stage.

It starts off with three men being interviewed about Greta and goes to on to show them weeping as she plays her show – it’s not quite Beetlemania, but we get her point.

Speaking about the video shoot Greta explained that ‘it’s actually terrifying being surrounded by a crowd of men, it’s like a stampede’ – maybe better leave it to the lads then?

Will De Nardo