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SPINN share latest single 'The Things She Says To Me'

SPINN - 'The Things She Says To Me'

Liverpool’s latest indie-pop prodigies SPINN have dropped the second taste of their upcoming EP with the indelible ‘The Things She Says To Me’.

A driving jangle-pop number, ‘The Things She Says To Me’ is a pure sugar-coated delight. Light, breezy, and full of joyous energy, the song charters a course for no-frills, no-bullshit pop-rock that is destined to be stuck in your head all day.

Last time we checked in with SPINN was when they released the equally catchy ‘Billie’. Dropping some of the indie pop pretentious on their latest track, SPINN have honed in on the most potent elements of their sound: huge hooks, sprightly tempos, and bare bones melody.

When I was writing this song I really wanted to write a pure pop song,” singer Johnny Quinn explains of the song’s genesis. “Lyrically it’s one of my favourites, they’re just so sweet and simple, it carries that scouse-pop heritage in a way I’m really happy with. At the time I saw this tune as a way of hitting reset on the writing process for this next album, I knew we had the ability to be writing better stuff than we were at the time, and this song felt like the first step in the process of getting where we wanted to be.”

Simplicity is always best when writing pop music. Unless you’re some unwieldy experimental outfit, every writing session should start with bare elements: find a chord progression, find a melody, and a hook. If you can do one of those things, or ideally all three, then it becomes a case of getting out of the way and letting the song do the work. If you bog it down with unnecessary instrumentation, cheesy harmonies, wonky key changes, or ill-conceived middle eights, you’ve failed. SPINN, thankfully, have not failed, and ‘The Things She Says To Me’ is their most enjoyable track yet.

Check out the audio for ‘The Things She Says To Me’ down below.