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(Credit: Spector)


Spector share new single 'Bad Summer'

Spector - 'Bad Summer'

British indie rockers Spector have shared their latest single, the synthetic and frantically paced ‘Bad Summer’.

The most recent taste of their upcoming taken from the studio album Now or Whenever, ‘Bad Summer’ is one of those songs where you have to go back over once you’ve heard it the first time just to catch all the fun rhymes and lyrical points you might have missed on the first spin.

Internal rhymes, clever workarounds, and a keen sense of storytelling is what singer Fred Macpherson indulges in here, and it’s an incredibly effective way of how frustrating it can be when you’re having a bad time while you know you should be enjoying life.

“Written in the august rain, on a summer’s day like this one. For when every night feels like a honeymoon and every morning feels like a funeral.” That’s the way the boys in the band have described ‘Bad Summer’ in a recent press release. Chin up, lads, the summer’s not over yet!

On describing the new album, Macpherson explains: “In some ways this is our first proper guitar album. And the first album we’ve made in one studio in one sitting which is crazy. Next year will be the tenth anniversary of Enjoy It While It Lasts which feels like forever, but I think it’s taken us that long to work out what’s good about us and how to capture it. Which kind of makes Now or Whenever both a sequel and a reboot.”

“We start talking and writing about the past and the future as if to escape from this paradoxically mundane/extreme present,” multi-instrumentalist Jed Cullen adds. “Then you step back and you realise that the strange conditions of the time are pervading your conversations and it’s coming out in the music in ways you didn’t expect.”

Check out the audio for ‘Bad Summer’ down below. Now Or Whenever is set for an October 1 release date.