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Spector share new single 'Catch You on the Way Back In'

Spector - 'Catch You on the Way Back In'

British indie rockers Spector have announced a brand new album, Now or Whenever, and the accompanying first single ‘Catch You on the Way Back In’.

Propulsive and brighter than the sun, ‘Catch You on the Way Back In’ is the perfect crossroads between explosively exciting arranging and surprisingly dour lyrical content.

“Everyone’s a loser and there’s nothing left to win” isn’t the most optimistic observation in the world, but the song’s twinkling synths and crunchy guitars don’t let you ruminate on the doubts and anxieties of the lyrics for too long. Even as singer Fred Macpherson insists: “I don’t want to drink, I want to drown” and “No one can miss you if you’re never gone”, the heaviness never becomes overwhelming to keep this high-energy slice of dance-rock down.

“‘Catch You on the Way Back In’ is a 160bpm bon voyage: an ‘until next time’ for when you don’t know how long the next time might be,” Macpherson explains. “It’s music for closing and music for opening, and strangely both the first track we started for the album and the last before we didn’t see each other in the flesh for six months. It’s more of a drinking song than a thinking song, so it will probably make most sense when we’re all allowed in the same room again.”

Now or Whenever will be the band’s third studio album and first since 2015’s Moth Boys. Last year saw the release of an EP, Non Fiction, before the band took a short hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“When there are huge changes happening on a global level and absolutely nothing happening on a local level, people ask you how you’ve been, what you’ve been up to etc. and there’s not much to say that they don’t already know,” Machpherson adds. “Had last year unfolded differently, maybe this would be our big depressing opus, but when positivity’s taken away you have to create your own, and somehow that’s left us with our most upbeat record yet.”

Check out the audio for ‘Catch You on the Way Back In’, along with the track listing for Now or Whenever, down below. Now or Whenever will be released on October 1.

Now or Whenever tracklisting

1. ‘When Saturday Comes’
2. ‘Catch You On The Way Back In’
3. ‘Do You Wanna Drive’
4. ‘Norwegian Air’
5. ‘Funny Way of Showing It’
6. ‘No One Knows Better’
7. ‘I’m Not Crying You’re Crying’
8. ‘Bad Summer’
9. ‘D-Roy’
10. ‘This Time Next Year’
11. ‘An American Warehouse In London’