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Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom remixes MGMT


Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom, aka Peter Kember, has teamed up with MGMT to remix their track ‘James’.

The band reunite with Kember once again having worked together with the co-producer behind their 2010 album Congratulations. Now, the Spacemen 3 founder takes on Little Dark Age song ‘James’.

The shoegaze rock pioneer, who earned a cult following in the 80s, previously sat down with Far Out Magazine for an episode of our Night Trippin’ podcast to discuss all the work in his career to date. His work as a producer continues to flourish, Kember recently contributed to the production of Beach House’s new album 7.

On top of that, Kember also teamed up with No Joy for the collaborative EP, No Joy / Sonic Boom.

For now though, MGMT: