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Spacemen 3 bassist Pete Bain hopes Record Store Day drama could lead to band reconciliation

Former Spacemen 3 bassist Pete Bain has hope that the controversy surrounding the Record Store Day album releases could lead to the band reconciling.

Spacemen 3 split when founding members Jason Pierce (J Spaceman, Spiritualized) and Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) went head-to-head, a feud that has since lasted the test of time until recently when both issued a joint statement urging fans NOT to buy Spacemen 3 albums that went on limited edition sale during the most recent Record Store Day event. The statement read:

“We would seriously like to ask fans not to buy the Spacemen 3 releases and any merchandise that are being offered for sale on Record Store Day or any of the other Spacemen 3 releases and merchandise offered by Gerald Palmer on Space Age Recordings or any other subsidiary of that label, the statement read. 

“We are currently in legal dispute with Gerald Palmer due to him depriving us of our rights in our music and other intellectual property rights relating to Spacemen 3. Any monies from those sales will go directly to him and help fund his side of the dispute.


“Thanks for listening

“J Spaceman and Sonic Boom together t/a Spacemen 3″

The statement, which was posted on Facebook and since deleted, offered a glimpse into a relationship that had, in the eyes of many, taken a major leap in the direction of reconciliation. Pete Bain, who played bass in the band, has moved to further emphasise that theory in a recent interview with The Future Heart:

“This is a big step forwards and like most people I am pleased that they can cooperate with each other to resolve this issue,” he said. “Time is not on our side so I sincerely hope we can all forgive each other for past transgressions and live the remainder of our lives free from animosity. If litigation is inevitable this will mean that Sonic and Jason will have to continue to work together, perhaps this may provide the means for both of them to resolve any differences and establish better relations.

“Legal action is an option that I believe should be a last resort,” Bain said in relation to the battle over record ownership with Gerald Palmer. “The substantial amount of revenue required to fund litigation makes it a risky option. I am unsure if litigation is viable considering the commercial value of the Spacemen 3 catalogue and the scale of solicitors fees. I would hope that there can be an opportunity for Spacemen 3 to negotiate with Gerald Palmer outside of court.”

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