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Sources speak out against Cary Fukunaga's behaviour on set


The director of Daniel Craig’s final James Bond outing, No Time to Die has been accused of sexual harrassment, with recent sources claiming that the filmmaker abused his power on set. 

Making headlines earlier this month when he was publicly called out by Rachelle Vinberg, the 23-year-old actor who countered Fukunaga’s remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade online. “Meanwhile, in America, the Supreme Court is about to push us one step closer to war with ourselves…By legitimising a war against women’s rights,” Fukunaga stated in a post on social media. 

Quoting the social media post, Vinberg responded: “So he posted this today… and it pisses me off cause he literally doesn’t care about women. He only traumatises them. I’ve spoken to many girls. Fuck you Cary”. 

Now, according to sources reported by Rolling Stone, once Cary Fukunaga had wrapped production on the Apple TV series Masters of the Air, he stayed behind and began to take pictures of two young actors on set. The two girls, one of them 18, were dressed as 1940s sex workers, with Fukunaga taking multiple pictures of them “bent against a wall and kneeling on the ground”. 

The incident has been claimed to be one of a series of inappropriate actions, with actor Lizzie Swanson resharing Swanson’s social media post that attacked Fukunaga’s character. Speaking to the publication about the director, Swandon commented that she “knew Cary for a time and though he never physically acted upon anything, the emotional and mental patterns and manipulative tactics…are very, very much the same”. 

Concluding her thoughts, she added, “It’s absolutely fucked up and disgusting,” further explaining, “I believe them and stand by them fully. He needs to be stopped”.