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(Credit: Udoma Janssen)


Sons Of Kemet share 'To Never Forget The Sauce'

Sons Of Kemet - 'To Never Forget The Sauce'

Sons Of Kemet have shared their luscious new single, ‘To Never Forget The Sauce’.

The vibrant effort is the second single from the London jazz collective taken from their upcoming fourth studio album, Black To The Future, which arrives on May 14th through Impulse Records. Sons of Kemet is led by the inimitable Shabaka Hutchings, who released his second solo album, We Are Sent Here by History, in 2020, and the forthcoming record is the band’s first since 2018’s Mercury Prize-nominated Your Queen Is A Reptile.

Although ‘To Never Forget The Sauce’ is an instrumental track, that doesn’t prevent Sons Of Kemet from delivering a poignant, fire-breathing track that oozes flair and gives you an immediate spring in your step as a listener.

Hutchings commented: “The Source refers to the principles which govern traditional African cosmologies/ontological outlooks and symbolizes the inner journey.

“It is the unifying factor that gives meaning both to looking backwards (in nuancing and continually adding depth of contextualization and meaning to the past) and visioning forward (in speculating and striving to realize a better future for humanity).”

Meanwhile, Hutchings also said about Black To The Future: “Black to the Future is a sonic poem for the invocation of power, remembrance and healing. It depicts a movement to redefine and reaffirm what it means to strive for black power. The meaning is not universal, and the cultural context of the listener will shape their understanding,” he continues. “Yet in the end, the overarching message remains the same: For humanity to progress we must consider what it means to be Black to the Future.”

The sheer musical talent that Sons Of Kemet have in their arsenal is astounding, as is the way that Hutchings expertly orchestrates the band to get them vying in the same marvelling direction. On top of their neat sound, Sons Of Kemet always cram a message at the core of everything they do, and the passion resonates on the bouncy, ‘To Never Forget The Sauce’.