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Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore opens pop-up record shop in London


Sonic Youth founding member Thurston Moore has joined forces with two friends to launch a pop-up record shop in north London.

Opening today on Church Street in north London, Moore is working with the Daydream Library Series and Ecstatic Peace Library in collaboration with comic artist Edwin Pouncey and Soho Music and Zippo Records man Pete Flanagan.

Taking to social media to announce the news, Moore said on Instagram: “96 CHURCH will be curated with all the energy and love we have for our local community and our passion for creative activism. While it is entirely idealistic to open up ship in a climate of demagoguery, we approach it with respect to our awesome neighbourhood.”

He added: “We imagine it as a refuge space where we can welcome every one, musicians, poets, artists, and lovers of a non-discriminatory now.”

Moore also confirmed that the records for the shop were chosen by Flanagan and his son Jim, who, in Moore’s own words, are “two of the great British record collector/dealers of the last 30 years.”

The shop is currently planned to stay open until March 14th but Moore confirmed that “if it works, we’ll keep on keepin’ on.”

See the full details, below.

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