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(Credit: Jorja Smith)


Sonder and Jorja Smith team up for 'Nobody But You'


Sonder, the L.A.-based R&B trio, has teamed up with British soul singer Jorja Smith for a collaborative new single ‘Nobody But You’.

The group, consisting of producers Atu and Dpat, along with singer Brent Faiyaz, have been making slick funk since 2016, releasing a string of singles and an EP, Into, in 2017. ‘Nobody But You’ is the group’s first single since 2019’s ‘What You Heard’.

Jorja Smith, meanwhile, has remained busy, releasing a constant string of singles, remixes, and features since 2016. Smith also beat the boys in Sonder to releasing a full length LP, which she did in 2018 with Lost & Found, a harmony-soaked, wonderfully downhearted debut.

Kicking off with Smith’s mournful vocals and some atmospheric acoustic guitar, ‘Nobody But You’ takes the form of a dialogue between lovers, a tried and true pop music mainstay. As Smith venomously spits “Don’t think you cared about me,” Faiyaz can only respond in kind: “Oh girl I care about you”. The whole track acts as an apology for the failures that come with relationships: “I wish I had the time/to run to you not ruin your life.”

It sounds like Smith is done with his bullshit, though: “I wonder if the only peace we’ll find/Is gonna be when you tell me goodbye”. It doesn’t really matter what Faiyaz sputters or pleads. This relationship already has one foot in the grave. It makes for some heightened drama, especially as Smith sounds so certain of the love’s demise while Faiyaz sounds so certain that he can talk his way back into her good graces. That disconnect leads to some brilliant tension, and the production keeps things sparse, only ramping up to twist the screws.

Smith released her most recent single, ‘Addicted’, earlier this year. Sonder, meanwhile, have yet to announce any future releases beyond ‘Nobody But You’.

Take a listen to ‘Nobody But You’ down, below.