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(Credit: Tina Tyrell


Snail Mail releases 'Adore You' demo for Valentine's Day

Snail Mail - 'Adore You' ('Valentine' Demo)

Whether your Valentine’s Day will be spent with your forever love or you’ll be slumming it in the single life for another year, one thing’s for sure: we could all use a little bit of a musical pick me up on one of the most universal but least beloved fake holidays of the year.

That’s why Snail Mail‘s Lindsey Jordan has stepped in to release a new demo version of the track ‘Adore You’, which was later featured as the title track on her phenomenal sophomore LP Valentine last year.

While the album version of the song starts slow before unfurling with explosive energy, the demo is unsurprisingly reserved: sparse guitar, vocals, and that’s it. An occasional harmony filters in for some of the lines, but the stripped-back version never loses any of the impact with its lack of arrangement.

Like all of Valentine, this particular song is miles away from the typical love song or devastating breakup track. Jordan works best in the grey areas, where the future is completely uncertain and current feelings are so confusing that you can never tell if you’re having the time of your life or at the end of your rope. ‘Adore You’, and the subsequent version of ‘Valentine’, balances the best and worst of life into a complex and complicated ode to living life for all it’s worth.

It’s probably a good thing that ‘Adore You’ was eventually released as the full-band version in ‘Valentine’, but I’m willing to say that this version is actually superior. It would have made a wild album opener, contrasting the electronic-influenced feel of the rest of the album with its stark, lo-fi guitar work. Maybe that would have been a bit too jarring, but all of Jordan’s raw emotions connect that much more when you can hear the cracks and creaks in her voice as they happen in real time.

Check out the demo version of ‘Valentine’, ‘Adore You’, down below.