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Credit: YouTube


The Smashing Pumpkins tear through 'Cherub Rock' at hometown show in 1993


With Billy Corgan suggesting that The Smashing Pumpkins are now back in the creative groove for their upcoming record, we thought we’d take a look back at the band’s inflammatory beginnings.

The vintage video below shows Billy Corgan and the original line-up of the band delivering a blistering performance of their iconic hit ‘Cherub Rock’ for the baying audience at their hometown show at Metro in Chicago.

It’s a clip that sees the band at their absolute peak. They are commanding and creative in equal measure, displaying a sense of untapped potential with every move and delivering on every note. In 1993, The Smashing Pumpkins were untouchable.

The band had just released their seminal record Siamese Dream and the fever growing around Corgan and the Pumpkins was gathering pace. While grunge was beginning to be commercialised and consequently trivialised, The Smashing Pumpkins’ intelligent and engaged form of alternative rock made them the muso’s choice.

That choice was soon picked up by the charts and the Pumpkins became hot commodities on the touring circuit, the record shelves, and the television airwaves. It was official; The Smashing Pumpkins had made it.

One propelling factor for the Pumpkins rocketship to superstardom was the band’s first single from Siamese Dream, the anthemic ‘Cherub Rock’. It’s a song that has become synonymous with the band’s fiery beginnings and a mark of the sad path that lay ahead.

Soon enough, Corgan would struggle with the pressures of being the frontman in the biggest band in America, but for a moment in 1993, he and The Smashing Pumpkins set their hometown on fire.