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Slowthai and Skepta team up on ‘Cancelled’

Slowthai, Skepta - 'Cancelled'

Slowthai has teamed up again with Skepta for his powerful new single, ‘Cancelled’.

This song is the second time that the two British rappers have collaborated having linked up previously for ‘Inglorious Bastards’ on Slowthai’s stunning 2019 debut effort, Nothing Great About Britain. It’s fair to say that in 2020 Slowthai had a year of two-halves following his antics at the NME Awards that saw him apologise to Katherine Ryan and make a show out of himself in public when he decided to fight the audience. His behaviour led to a public backlash despite his career opportunities staying in tack.

The Northampton rapper has apologised profusely behaviour that night, and since then he has reflected on his actions and has seemingly grown-up. ‘Cancelled’ is a snapshot of his mindset following this incident and the low-place he found himself situated.

Slowthai spits on the track: “She said I do magic like Harry Potter, I’m off the vodka, Orderin’ lobster, said it’s preposterous, I’m so obnoxious, I need a doctor, Said I won’t comeback, I must be cancer, ain’t got much longer, Then I made a comeback, kick it like Ong Bak, now I got blood on my jumper.”

The track is also the second glimpse that Slowthai has shared from the first half of his forthcoming record following the previous one, ‘Mazza’, with A$AP Rocky. The first seven tracks showcase the more energetic side to the rapper, and the uncaged instinctive part of him gets him in a spot of trouble. The first two singles from the record, ‘nhs’ and ‘feel away’, both have a melancholy feel to them which characterises the other part of Slowthai’s split personality which TYRON aims to celebrate.

Speaking to Zane Lowe about the track, Slowthai recalled the night that ‘Cancelled’ was born: “I’m sitting down, and I’m just in a negative place, I was being negative. You know when you’re just that one bad apple in the room? Yeah, the energy is off, I’m just like, ‘Fuck everybody, like, fuck everyone.’ Yeah, it’s in my head. It’s just in the back of my mind.

“I’m one of them people that can push stuff to the side, but it was just weighing on me. And then Skep, he could see that I was going through it. He’s got a song called ‘Going Through It’ that helped me. But he’s like, ‘Yo man, this is your defining moment.’ Because he is a larger than life character, Skep. He’s the best,” the rapper added.

On top of being a divine track, the visuals for ‘Cancelled’parody the famous Budweiser ‘wassup’ advert from 1999, which is worth watching for alone. Check it out, below.