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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Slipknot’s Corey Taylor says people act like “a vaccine is signing a deal with the devil”


Corey Taylor has spoken out about the current public perception regarding the COVID-19 vaccine in the US, stating: “People act like getting a vaccine is signing a deal with the devil.”

Taylor is about to embark on the second leg of his US solo tour but raised concerns about performing to audiences including a large percentage of unvaccinated attendees. 

The singer told Consequence Heavy: “People act like getting a vaccine is signing a deal with the devil. It’s been so politicised and spun out of control in these conspiratorial echo chambers that people forget that you can go find all the info you want online to educate yourself about everything about these vaccines.”

Later adding: “The fact that [vaccines] have been demonized, almost to the point of these gnarly conspiracy theories, no wonder why people are afraid of it — because they’re listening to the wrong people.”

While other musicians have controversially spoken out against enforcing vaccination-proof in order to gain access to live events, Taylor laid out a mandate for some common sense.

The Slipknot star added, Here’s the thing: there shouldn’t be a mandate, but guess what, man, if you’re going to put people at risk of getting sick, you shouldn’t want to go to a show. That’s common sense. And if you do put people at risk, then you’re a f**kin’ asshole. And you shouldn’t be let in anyway.”

Later concluding: “For me, it’s a common-sense thing, but we don’t have a lot of common sense these days, man.”