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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor: Donald Trump and the people who voted for him are “f**king morons”


This may not come as much of a surprise to you but Corey Taylor, the uncompromising frontman of metal icons Slipknot, is not a fan of current US President Donald Trump.

Taylor, who hasn’t been shy to show his discontent for Trump, has been publicly vocal against the President ever since Trump began his campaign trail back in 2016. It was only in March 2017, a time when Trump was confirmed as the next man to enter the White House hot seat, that Taylor said: “It’s really fucking unfortunate how bad we have just fucked ourselves” in

Now, in a new interview with The Fader, the Slipknot lead vocalist has again been led onto the conversation of US politics. “I could not believe that people would vote for a fuckking moron like him,” Taylor said. “That’s what insults me the most. You can paint him as racist, or egotistical, or a tyrant, or all of this shit: He’s a moron, and the people who fucking voted for him? Fucking morons, too!”

He continued: “It doesn’t matter why they voted for him, whether they are racist, or they want money. They’ve done more to set us back even further globally than anything I’ve ever seen in my fucking lifetime. And that’s coming from somebody who wrote a whole fucking song about George W. Bush.”

The singer added: “This guy, it’s going to take us 20 years to fucking undo half the shit that he’s done. Honestly, I come at it from a fan standpoint. Most of our fans are of color, are from different countries, speak different f**king languages, love different people. I don’t want my fucking fans getting killed. I don’t want my kids getting killed. And the worst thing is that it has emboldened fucking racism.”

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