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Sleater-Kinney share new single ‘Method’

Sleater-Kinney - 'Method'

Sleater-Kinney have shared their fiery new single, ‘Method’.

The track is taken from the group’s self-produced forthcoming album, Path of Wellness, which will be their first record since drummer and founding member, Janet Weiss, left the group in 2019. Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker are operating as a duo for the first time, which seems to have given Sleater-Kinney a new lease of life.

Path of Wellness is the third record by the group since they reunited in 2014 after almost a decade spent apart. The duo wrote the new record throughout spring and summer last year, which they spent “holed up in Portland” before going into the studio at the end of 2020 to record the new songs. “It’s the first S-K record we’ve produced ourselves,” they explained.

‘Method’ is the most angsty of the three tracks released from Path of Wellness so far. That precious riot grrrl energy is ingrained into the pair’s DNA, and thankfully it’s impossible to shake off, even if their penchant for melody has grown over the years.

On the infectious chorus, a frustrated Brownstein sings: “I’m singing a song about love, And you’re singing about hate, I’m sitting here, I’m singing about love, And it’s coming out like hate, I’m singing about love, But it’s coming out like hate.”

Now on their tenth album, Sleater-Kinney still hasn’t gone stale and are still dipping their toes into new water by self-producing for the first time. They have continuously evolved over the last 25-years, and right now is a fascinating time for the duo. With tracks like ‘Method’, Sleater-Kinney will make sure they don’t become a nostalgia act anytime soon.