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Sleaford Mods make tea spill and pipes drop from crusty mouths

The upper and middles classes spat out their tea when they settled down to watch their favourite backwards-walking man Jools Holland this week. They were expecting a quiet night of comfy chat, the odd piano tinkle and Burt Bacharach – they didn’t bank on Sleaford Mods bringing their style of electro-punk.

The band completely divided opinion with their style, which if never seen before can definitely be an ‘experience’, with half of Britain rejoicing at the introduction of a ‘real’ band to the slippers and pipe show while the other half scoffing that ‘this is not music’.

We at Far Out Magazine love the band. Their direct, confrontational approach with a mix of electronic melody and punk poetic lyrics add to a summation of Broken Britain. The culmination of this means that they incite vitriolic response from the majority of the settled population, whom dispel anything not crafted by the art school kids of middle England as purely puritanical.

But, let’s scroll back a bit, what other kind of music has done this? Rock and roll in the 50’s, RnB in the 60’s, Punk in the 70’s, Electronica in the 80’s and Acid house in the 90’s – so yeh, basically any music that was worth its salt over the past 6 decades. Now fast forward to present day and name a band that represent the under-class with the same gusto as this band? No idea? Thought so.

You may find Sleaford Mods hard to watch, their sound may not be to your taste and they may even offend your sensibilities but to denounce them as ‘not music’ is not only degrading to the thousands they support and the millions they represent but it’s just plain obtuse.

Come on now, you all went to university where is your sense of debate?