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Sleaford Mods issue statement after woman was sexually assaulted at their gig

Sleaford Mods have a new video to make your eyes salivate

The new video for ‘Silly Me’ is typical Sleaford Mods. It’s direct, in plain black and white, full of crowds and the masses and tinged with an underlying threat.

Directed by Simon Parfrement, the track ‘Silly Me’ is taken form their recent success LP Key Markets and hits the usual notes. Angry polictical lyrics trawl across a looped funk beat whilst the middle class quiver in their slippers and the gentry positively gasp for air.

Jason William had this to say…

“Silly Me is about the long tunnel, the one that has no light. Another week spent walking up and down the street. The quiet tension of your living room with its shit sofa. The unconfirmed nature of ‘doing’ instead of ‘trying’.
It’s that realisation that all you have to work with is your own failure, it’s the only starting point you have and to ignore it, to dismiss the reasons why unhappiness is still haunting you is a mistake. It’s your ticket out of misery if you keep trying to confront it because eventually persistence rules. Not all the time though.
This isn’t one of those fucking smug acid jazz positivity yawns. Large numbers of people have fuck all and that won’t change. That’s horrible. ‘Silly Me’ is just one experience over Andrew’s solid, hard funk loop.“-


Take a look here