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Sleaford Mods issue statement after woman was sexually assaulted at their gig

Sleaford Mods call Fat White Family a "Moby covers band"


Sleaford Mods call Fat White Family a “Moby covers band” as an ongoing social media shitstorm takes another turn.

Far Out reported the news that Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson accused Bristol band Idles of “class appropriation” while taking part in a Q&A session with fans.

Then, while announcing their new tour, the Fat Whites got involved by claiming that they “100% with Jason Williamson on that band Idles” before slyly aiming a did at Sleaford Mods, claiming that the band “keep banging on about shit wages and kebabs”.

Fat Whites also added that “there’s only two of them and they have NO BACKLINE!”.

Not one to let an issue go, Sleaford Mods have again taken to social media to address comments made by Fat Whites, saying “It’s all gone a bit WWF this.”

Williamson added: “I answered a question from someone at a QnA last week. That was it. So what. I also didn’t realise it would be fair game for some D lister Moby Covers band looking to shift gig tickets. I mean that’s just fuckin finished me.”