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(Credit: Alfred Nitsch)


Remembering Slayer's outlandish rider request


For those who don’t know what rider is in the murky world of show business, consider yourself lucky (maybe), as those who have to deal with rider requests on a regular basis often find themselves wanting to rip a few hairs out. Basically, a rider is a set of requests or demands from a band, performer, or artist in regards to what they want to have backstage. 

Although some artists might have a relatively reasonable set of requests, like, “I want a bowl of pretzels!” or “Can you put a dehumidifier in the dressing room?” others aren’t so reasonable with their demands. What people might not expect, though, is exactly who the difficult artists turn out to be.

One group that we wouldn’t expect to rival the likes of Mariah Carey and Madonna? Slayer, apparently. Although beyond being an outlandish demand, Slayer’s tour rider is just plain odd, which is why there’s much more than meets the eye. What are some of their requests, you might ask? How about 50,000 live bees, ten cases of Gogurt, a Bowflex, a human skull filled with Red Hots, and of course, the most notorious, “100 snow-white goats for slaughter”.

In all seriousness, it’s clear that they were totally kidding when they made their tour rider and, in truth, are more than likely to make fun of artists who have ridiculous demands. Regardless, the selections that they actually chose to put on the list are hilarious. The thing is, they aren’t all that far off from some artists who do make wild requests on their riders, like those who ask for live animals or one specific kind of candy sorted out, especially for Slayer.

However, that is a part of the power of being a superstar. You can, effectively, ask for whatever you want, even if there’s no real guarantee you’ll get it. But it’s fantastic when people are able to have a sense of humour about it like the members of Slayer. It makes the whole thing a little less serious and overwhelming, especially for those who are actually tasked with retrieving the goods. I imagine it’s a great time.

This does make one wonder—what does Slayer actually put on their rider for things they do want backstage? Even amid the jokes, they likely have at least a few requests for things they want to keep in stock. Either way, the fictional rider they’ve provided is, admittedly, so much more entertaining than any real one would likely be.

Slayer’s comical rider request:

  • 50,000 live bees
  • 100 snow-white goats for slaughter
  • 10 cases of Gogurt
  • A Bowflex
  • A human skull filled with Red Hots

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