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Slash says more new Guns N’ Roses music is coming

Slash has announced that new Guns N’ Roses music is underway. He added that some of the new music could arrive in single releases before their next run of live shows.

Last year, the group released two new singles in ‘Absurd’ and ‘Hard Skool’ – both tracks coming from the infamous Chinese Democracy album sessions.

The legendary guitarist has explained that the tracks weren’t the only new material the band would be releasing. “There is new material coming — everybody’s always asking,” Slash told Consequence of Sound. “I would imagine that there will be one or two songs that come out around the time that we hit the road in June.”

Speaking about playing and touring with G’N’R – and frontman Axl Rose – again, he added: “It’s been great. We got back together, and it was really sort of like one of those huge question marks, and it was only to do the Coachella festivals, really. And it just snowballed into this tour that’s really been sort of going ever since then.”

“But we’ve had a blast doing it, and I’m really happy that finally after all those years of negativity and whatnot, that we got past all that, and managed to get together and go out and play.”

This isn’t the first time Slash has spoken about the possibility of more new Guns N’ Roses music. Last month, the guitarist explained that the band would “probably keep putting” out “material that’s been sitting around for a while” until they had released a whole record’s worth.

“As far as new Guns is concerned, we haven’t even gotten to that point of really in earnest sitting down and writing,” he said, but added that the process of going through previously unreleased songs was “cool”. “I’m enjoying working on the stuff and having a good time doing it.”

Bassist Duff McKagan said that the reunited band were working on a new album back in 2019, noting that he’d heard some “magnificent stuff” that Rose had been toying with. “The album is real,” he said.

“But the fun part and the cool part about Guns N’ Roses is we don’t really talk about it. What happens next just happens. I don’t mean to get anybody rabid. Our day will happen when it happens, that’s for sure.”

Listen to last year’s ‘Absurd’ below.