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Sky Ferreira’s mother says her daughter’s new album is coming in March

L.A. singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira has been working on her much-awaited new album and, according to her mother, it is set for release in March. 

This news comes with a great deal of excitement for her fans who have been waiting for the new album since her debut album Night Time, My Time released back in October 2013. In December, Ferreira announced that the new album would be with us in 2022 and promised: “[The record is] actually coming out this time”.

It is now apparent according to her mother’s recent statement that we can be expecting the album as soon as March, but Ferreira is still yet to announce a title or release date for her upcoming second studio album.

For the past ten years, Ferreira has remained relatively quiet on the music front having previously announced a second album to be entitled Masochism which unfortunately never quite materialised. 

In 2018 she released the statement: “I would just like to clarify for some: My silence should not be confused for negligence, I deeply care and put everything I have into my music. Including all of my earnings. I won’t put out something that I don’t stand by or the bare minimum.”

It appears that her obligations in her acting and modelling career have limited her to only managing to release a run of singles over the past few years, the latest of which was the single ‘Dowhill Lullaby’ released in 2019. At the time, the single was “the first taste” of Ferreira’s upcoming album Masochism, which had been promised to be “out later this year”.

Earlier in January, Ferreira shared her cover of David Bowie’s song, ‘All The Madmen’ in celebration of the late icon’s 75th birthday.

“HBD DAVID BOWIE,” Ferreira posted as a caption on the social media post for her cover version. “I love you (I just found this btw).” The singer then noted that the cover was a “lost tape recording/demo”, apparently just in case her fans misread this as a teaser for upcoming material.