(Credit: Alex Sarda)


Sigrid shares new piano version of 'Mirror'


Norwegian synth-pop artist Sigrid has rearranged her new single ‘Mirror’ into a beautifully haunting solo piano performance.

The last time we talked about ‘Mirror’, I said that the song was a “catchy slice of electro-pop” that was “uber dance-pop for the masses.” Apart from using “pop” twice in the same paragraph, I stand by my initial assessment: the song is still pretty great.

But who knew it could be so emotionally striking? The song’s strong messages of self-empowerment and personal love were strong coming complete with club-ready beats, but in a stripped away format, every little intricacy and turn of phrase that Sigrid employs takes on an added resonance.

“The piano has always been my favourite place to be,” Sigrid explains. “It’s where I forget everything that I need to do, or should do.. and it’s kinda the same in the studio when writing songs. I like to check if it works just on the piano, and if the song passes that test, it’s good to go! It’s where I started writing songs when I was 16, and it’s cool to always come back to that space in between all those big, exciting productions.”

Bombast and excess work in Sigrid’s favour, but stark bareness does as well. That’s because she actually has the vocal pipes and strong songwriting ability to justify some of the more pompous and grandiose arrangements and productions.

It reminds me a lot of her previous piano ballad ‘Home To You’, another heartwarming and empowering pop song that benefits from its sincerity. But while ‘Home To You’ can’t help but include sweeping synths and symphonic strings, I actually prefer just Sigrid’s barebones chords and naked voice on ‘Mirror (by the piano)’. It’s a refreshingly new take on an already high-quality song.

Check out the solo piano version of ‘Mirror’ down below.