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(Credit: Alex Sarda)


Sigrid releases a new single 'Mirror'

Sigrid - 'Mirror'

Norwegian synth-pop singer Sigrid has dropped her first single in over two years with the club-ready dance floor jam ‘Mirror’.

Speaking of the song’s new video, Sigrid says: “We wanted to explore how conflicting it can feel to have different sides of yourself competing against each other, and not working together. And as I can’t stand still whilst singing, there’s a lot of dancing, running, driving – you can tell I had a great time on the shoot.”

Sigrid is one of those new artists who really understands how to connect with her audience. With a strong social media following, the artist directed her fans to a website with clues scattered around different countries including England, the United States, and Mexico that eventually revealed lyrics to ‘Mirror’. If you took a walk with Sigrid, you were rewarded with teases for her new music.

Whether it was because of this ingenious promotional stunt or simply because she has a large following anyway, the video for ‘Mirror’ has already racked up hundreds of thousands of views in the span of 24 hours. Not bad for a singer in her early twenties with only a single LP to her name. That LP, 2019’s Sucker Punch, is really good, by the way. You should go listen to it.

But is this song any good? I’m happy to report that it is. A catchy slice of electro-pop, ‘Mirror’ finds Sigrid in full on self-love mode. “I love who I see looking at me in the mirror/Nothing compares to the feeling right there.” With gigantic disco beats and the slickest strings this side of Chic, ‘Mirror’ is uber dance-pop for the masses.

So when is Sigrid going to drop album number two? That is still unknown, but if all the song’s that appear on any future releases are as positively upbeat and indelibly catchy as ‘Mirror’, it will be an incredibly exciting listen.

Check out the video for ‘Mirror’ down below.