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(Credit: ShitKid)

ShitKid returns with love song 'Yooouuu'


Few things excite us more than receiving a note form our favourite Swefish label PNKSLM. They’ve made huge waves in their careful selection of artists. They manage to have a roster equally as full of potential as it is of genuine musicians making their way.

One such artist is ShitKid, aka Åsa Söderqvist, who is not only full of an incredible amount of potential but has to be high on the list of most prolific artists. Putting out 4 collections of work over recent years, ShitKid knows her way to the studio.

But what she does there is what is really interesting. ShitKid has managed to straddle the ever meandering line of art/punk to aplomb, adding aggression to her lyrical viewpoints and ambiance to her useful snarl. New track ‘Yooouuu’ strays from this recipe.

It still has the industrial, dystopian rhythm, but this time it sounds like it may even be a love song. Perhaps upcoming EP ‘This Is It’ following last year’s ‘Fish’ will have romantic edge but based on the multitude of sub-textual levels on ‘Yooouuu’ it won’t be the candy coloured note to your significant other.

More likely, when ‘This Is It’ drops on January 19th, it will be another heavy dose of Åsa Söderqvist as an artist. An unflinching staring contest between ShitKid and her loving audience.