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(Picture Credit: Simon Godley)

Watch Sharon Van Etten's impressive Tiny Desk concert


With Sharon Van Etten’s last appearance on NPR’s famous ‘Tiny Desk’ show, it was in 2010 and she was largely touted as a graceful and delicate singer. She kept pace with a single acoustic guitar and sang her special brand of folk-pop leaning on tracks from her album Epic. In 2019, Van Etten was back and back with a bang.

Van Etten may be one of only a few artists to have performed at the Tiny Desk show more than once but there’s a good reason for it, she might be one of the most complete performers out there right now. Put aside her incredibly powerful and simply stunning new album Remind Me Tomorrow and you’ll still find a heap of brilliant work.

Whether it’s her music, having collaborated with Jeff Goldblum, performed on Twin Peaks and toured the world. Or indeed her acting career which saw Van Etten appearing in The OA, and compose music for films. It’s been a whirlwind time between Tiny Desks but Van Etten was ready to come back even stronger.

Van Etten makes a beautiful point with just the small click drum beat for ‘Comeback Kid’ which not only leads us into the song beautifully but also allows us to take stock of the crazy decade that has brought us here. To make her point even more permanent Van Etten also employs a full backing band to show off her talents.

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She gives an extremely potent performance of the aforementioned track as well as ‘You Shadow’ which also allows her talents to show. But, as ever, the finishing song ‘Seventeen’ delivered more emotion and raw energy than we’ve ever seen at the Tiny Desk. Watch it below: