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(Credit: Shamir)


Shamir covers Sharon Van Etten song ‘DsharpG’


Sharon Van Etten’s second album, Epic, came out ten years ago. To celebrate the anniversary, a huge group of artists are covering songs from the American singer-songwriters’ now-cannon work, including Shamir covering the album’s centrepiece ‘DsharpG’.

We’ve already heard Lucinda Williams’ take on ‘Save Yourself,’ IDLES cover of ‘Peace Sign’, and a reworking of album opener ‘A Crime’ by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and The National’s Aaron Dresner masquerading under the name Big Red Machine. Now, Shamir adds his name to the ever-growing list with a slow-burn take on ‘DsharpG’.

Shamir has already shown an exceptional gift for impossibly high falsettos and dramatic exhalations, and he gets to show off both here. The song needs little more than some guitar and Shamir’s voice to take off, and the sparse arrangement stays true to the spirit of Van Etten’s original.

“I am in awe of the artists who wanted to participate in celebrating my anniversary and reissue, from young inspiring musicians, to artists who took me under their wing, who I met on tour, and to artists I’ve looked up to since I was a teenager,” Van Etten explains in a press release. “Epic represents a crossroads for me as an artist – going from intern to artist at Ba Da Bing, from solo folk singer to playing with a band for the first time and beginning to play shows on tour where people showed up.”

More covers are surely on their way. We’ve still got three songs on the album left uncovered, after all. Word has it that the next artists to step up and provide their own interpretations of Van Etten’s work include Courtney Barnett and Fiona Apple. We’ll be sure to feature those covers as well, because really there’s never enough Sharon Van Etten appreciation, and we’re gonna milk all that we can get right now.

Check out Shamir’s take on ‘DsharpG’ down below. A documentary on the recording of Epic, including a live stream performance by Van Etten, will premier later this month.