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Sex Pistols legal feud means band are “gone for good”


With the Sex Pistols members currently embroiled in a bitter legal feud, drummer Paul Cook has hinted that the band are now “gone for good”.

Johnny Rotten is being sued by his former Sex Pistols bandmates Paul Cook and Steve Jones over the use of the band’s music in Danny Boyle’s forthcoming miniseries

The miniseries has proven to be somewhat of a poisoned chalice for Rotten, who earlier this year claimed that the series was “the most disrespectful shit” and threatened legal action against the show. 

However, it was laterally reported that the frontman had been working with the series but was snubbed because he was “too difficult to work with”.

Now, in this latest twist in the tumultuous tale of the series, it is reported that Cook and Jones have hired the lawyer Edmund Cullen who is set to take Lydon to court over breaking the ruling in place that any commercial song usage would be decided by a majority vote, and they had not been consulted. 

Now it would appear that in the ensuing legal battle Cook was asked in High Court whether the Sex Pistols were “gone for good” to which he reticently replied, “Probably”.

“I thought that our relationship with John would get worse when we used it,” Cook said in his witness statement. “Maybe Steve [Jones] and I have been too nice to John over the years in trying to maintain good relations and that we should have been tougher.”

Later adding, “I am unhappy that he would behave like this over an important personal project for Steve, particularly as we have always backed his personal projects.”

More is expected in the coming days as the legal battle continues in London’s High Court.