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Serge Pizzorno's The S.L.P reveal new video for single 'Nobody Else'


The mastermind behind the lad rock stalwart Kasabian, aka Serge Pizzorno, has shared a brand new video for his newest single ‘Nobody Else’ as part of his new project The S.L.P. It’s the second song to be taken from his debut solo record The S.L.P. out on 30th August on Columbia Records.

‘Nobody Else’ is an infectious house-laced hit and a track that goes a long way to sum up The S.L.P.’s breezy, candid, no-holds-barred spirit of exploration. Speaking of the track Serge said, “I started to learn jazz chords,” he continues. “It’s so important, that innocence of just exploring and experimenting, when you’ve got that little part of you going, ‘can I get away with that?’”

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The video is an intense and trippy spiral through nostalgia and the most elusive of settings – a British summer day. The video, directed by James Whitby, follows different lines of thread and their journey to becoming a wonderful tapestry of a typical summer’s day.

Watch the video for The S.L.P’s new track ‘Nobody Else’ below.

Recorded and produced by Pizzorno at his Leicester studio The Sergery, the self-titled album is set to be an 11-track trip across a wide range of genres and influences. From a heavy hip-hop influence to richly melodic moments, tinged with psychedelic-funk, new-wave and some euphoric scenes.

Serge says of the project, “Moving forward, I’d like to collaborate more and open that door more. The S.L.P. project will become this sort of place I can go and just do whatever. It’s so important to have that my life in the band and my boys, that’s part of me that will be there forever, but then there’s something else I have to get out or I won’t be able to move forward.”