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(Credit: Olivia Richardson)


Self Esteem wants new album to feel like "Olympic opening ceremony euphoria"

Rebecca Taylor, AKA Self Esteem, has revealed that she plans for her next album to feel the same as the “Olympic opening ceremony euphoria”.

The Yorkshire-born artist spoke to NME on the carpet of BRIT Awards 2022, where she was nominated for Best New Artist, although Prioritise Pleasure, is her second album. “I love it! Don’t take it away from me,” she said of the nomination. “I’ve been around for a long time, but I’m new in this sort of world – and I’m the best one”.

Taylor was asked what she thinks it was about Prioritise Pleasure that captured people’s imaginations, to which she responded: “I’m not sure really. Maybe the pandemic made people as depressed as I am at all times, so that was cool. The penny-dropping moment that I went through when I wrote it, I think that’s happening collectively to everyone who feels ‘othered’. I don’t think it’s that radical but everyone is telling me it is and that’s quite depressing – that me saying I want what I want is radical. But it’s fine, we move”.

Asked what the follow up to Prioritise Pleasure might sound like, she said definitively: “Think ‘Olympic opening ceremony euphoria'”.

It’s been a busy period for Taylor. Alongside finally getting the plaudits she deserves, this week, she also announced that she’d written the music for a new play entitled Prima Facie, which stars Killing Eve heroine Jodie Comer. “A theatre producer just got in touch,” Taylor said. “The play deals with a lot of stuff that my record deals with, and I got a proper job. They give women jobs now! It’s amazing. It’s going on my CV: I’m a composer for hire”.

Justin Martin directed Prima Facie, and it is scheduled to run from April 15th to June 18th at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London. 

Listen to ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ below.