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Late ‘School of Rock’ actor Kevin Clark developed the film's ending

Richard Linklater’s 2003 comedy School of Rock is a hilariously inspiring romp about childhood dreams and societal conformity. Starring the enigmatic Jack Black as a high school music teacher who instils his undying passion for rock and roll in a fearful new generation, School of Rock launches an essential commentary about the need for critical thinking and alternative ideas.

School of Rock was a movie the industry brought to me, and I saw something in it and risked that failure,” Linklater said. “I enjoyed it and grew from the experience. If that had been my second or third film I would have been doomed. Some people have a hit and want to do something like that and it’s their destiny.”

One of the film’s child stars, Kevin Clark, passed away earlier this year due to an accident. According to reports, Clark was riding his bicycle in Chicago when he was hit by a car. After School of Rock, Clark had reunited with Black while performing as a drummer for Tenacious D.

“At one of our earlier table reads, the ending wasn’t landing,” co-star Rivkah Reyes recalled in a TikTok video. “We tried one version of it where we win, we tried another version of it where we lose and that’s it, and it just wasn’t hitting.”

Adding, “And the team was like ‘What do we do about this ending?’ and Kevin is just like, ‘It would be cool if we lost and then the audience started cheering School of Rock! School of Rock! and then they bring us out for an encore… So this guy at 13-years-old wrote the ending of School of Rock.”

Upon hearing the news of Clark’s demise, Jack Black joined many others in paying his respects to the late actor. “Devastating news. Kevin is gone. Way too soon,” Black wrote. “Beautiful soul. So many great memories. Heartbroken. Sending love to his family and the whole School of Rock community.”