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Schonwald - Sacred Hearts

We don’t care if summers approaching, true to form,  the tone is about to be lowered and we’re taking things deep, dark and dangerously sexy with connoisseurs of Cold Wave and cultivators of shadows Schonwald and their mesmerising brand of smouldering, post punk doused electronica.  Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to ‘Sacred Hearts’, the Far Out Track of the Day.

This isn’t the first time our favourite Italian gloom duo have appeared in our pages; the keen eyed and sharp eared among you will remember reading words surrounding the band’s impeccable cover of quintessential Cure track ‘A Forest’ at Christmas time (if you can’t then not to worry because, like most things these days, the article is only a click away) . Well, since then Allesandra and Luca seem to have been kept very busy, carting their magnetically moody and hypnotically minimalistic music around Europe whilst finding and a more than fitting home in French label Anywave, and the time to fire out a few new releases too.

I can only speak for the dark side of my condition when I say it but, Schonwald are one of the best on the circuit at the minute. If you need a little more convincing, check out the band’s Soundcloud page where an impressive back catalogue of their city at night sounding numbers (notably Gemini) may help do the trick.