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Schonwald - A Forest


Christmas is just around the corner, the Z list lot are out in force lighting up towns across the country in a pitiful PR attempt to resurrect unworthy careers  while the television set assaults us with adverts for a load of shit we didn’t need last year and won’t use this. Millions of people across the world are dying in emaciated war stricken heaps yet our Supermarkets spew out enough water injected, factory farmed poultry to feed the cosmos. Coca Cola chose Saint Nick’s red attire and apparently Christ wasn’t even born on the 25th of December, although the latter is up for debate.

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I’ve not got the spirit, but what I have got is a fantastic cover of the Cure’s classic ‘A Forest’ by Cold Wave contributors Schonwald as the Far Out Track of the Day, continuing the (my) obsession with moody, post punk, electronic infused duos.

Don’t be deceived by the Germanic title, signed to America’s HoZac records, Schonwald are very much Italian. Emerging from the musical wilderness in 2009 with a debut EP, the pair have been prowling the European shadows ever since, making appearances at the UK Decay festival amongst others, until now that is.

Armed with a drum machine and couple of dark personas, the duo have managed to create a sound just as chilling and fundamentally bleak as Robert Smith and co’s original. Much of their work follows suit; dystopian, destructive but melancholic, Schonwald ride the waves of sonic euthanasia on the back of a post punk record collection I imagine includes Bauhaus, Jesus And The Mary Chain, Gary Numan and Soft Cell.  The atmosphere whipped , in this track and others,  by the bleak barks of the drum machine and salient wails from the warped guitar is as inescapable as unsettling, especially hearing dank lyrics laid down by a lady in that teasingly sensual yet often scathing manner.

With this effort, Allesandra and Luca of Schonwald infuse a rich dose of idiosyncrasy without being over self indulgent. If you ask me, the pair are primed for our unforgiving frozen reality.

Joshua Hevicon

Check out Schonwald’s Soundcloud here